Monday, December 3, 2012

A Thanksgiving Star

Okay, without meaning to, I heavily weighted the pictures from our Thanksgiving get-together in favor of Baby Boy. Sorry! No, I'm not. He's too adorable to hide under a bushel, right? We must let this star shine, and shine brightly. You're only 5 months old once, right? Of course, 6 months old might have just as many photogenic opportunities...
This was the only picture that I ended up with that included L.  Big Girl finds coloring boring, and these two were trying to inspire her.  Thanks anyway, guys!

Yes, I find him delicious, too.

I love his expression!  You know he thinks he's all that!

His hair doesn't look that red in real life, but in pictures it sure does!

Whatever one mommy did with her baby, another mommy had to do it with her baby.

It looks like he's crabby about being held by Big Girl, and maybe he is, but he was crabby anyway...

There's lots of baby-love around here these days!


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