Sunday, July 24, 2011

More vacation!

Little Boy has just started signing spontaneously, without being cued.  Here, he's asking for "more."

"Way to go, Dad!  You're a great fisherman!"

fun in the sand

fun in the water, with a rowboat

fun with a big brother

Even though my teens often feel overworked, they can't leave these little kids alone.

This big brother is good for throwing one in the air.

She actually did pretty well, except that she wanted to duel.

Let's just face it.  Marshmallows are messy!

That's why he's getting his fed to him.  Too bad.  He still got his hands all covered.

Some post-bath, pre-bedtime rowdiness.


Saturday, July 23, 2011


"This is fun!  We've never been in a boat!"

"So, I'll be the captain, and you can be the first mate..."

"Ahoy, mate!"

"Wait!  Come back!  You forgot the captain!"

"I don't know if I like the water..."
"We're getting a little hiking in..."

Slowly getting acquainted with the water-- with the help of big sissy.

"Let's do it!  Let's go in!"

"It's not very fun to fall in..."

"Now I'm mad!"
"...and I'm not going back in!"

"I like being on vacation!"

"I don't trust the water...  I'm glad Daddy is here."

"Okay, I like being on vacation, too."

"Falling off the deck isn't all bad, because you get a lot of attention!"

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A walk in the park

Well, the broken toe is finally beginning to mend, and none too soon. Let me tell you that it's no walk in the park to take a wheelchair through Walmart. My daughter liked it, though, because she felt that everyone was looking at us in our caravan because I was in a wheelchair, rather than because we have three kids with Down syndrome. Watching teenagers get humiliated just gives me a special joy. There was a teenaged girl at the doctor's office today, whose mother was waiting in the wrong waiting room. The receptionist came out to tell them, and the daughter died a thousand deaths. Ah! It just never gets old!

What is a walk in the park, though, is a literal walk in the park. I like to take the kids to a park every day, if possible. I always hope for them to be motivated by how fun it is to run and climb and slide. The fact is that the more they do, the more they can do, and then the more they want to do. At this particular park, there were wonderful grassy hills to run down, and then climb back up. Little Boy had a wonderful time, moving fast, and falling down on purpose, which made him laugh. Little Girl tried to leave our party, and head off on her own a lot, and Big Girl said, "I ti-," which I took to mean, "I'm tired..." and dragged along. They seem to sleep well after they wear themselves out at the park!