Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gardens and chickens

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A friend asked for more pictures of the chicken coop.  I'm sorry, but she would be very disappointed, because it's very ugly.  We have a very old shed, that we borrowed one room from, and added a fenced run on, and that was 20 years ago.  It has housed many chickens over the years, and had fallen to pieces, a bit.  Our son begged for chickens for two years, so we finally patched it up, and it has future egg-layers in it, once again.  Instead of coop, I offer pics of chicks.  We're working on a chicken tractor, so they can have access to greenery, instead of us carting it all to them.

Trying to tame the chickens...

B. was ecstatic to discover that he had a rooster.  They were supposedly all pullets!

David has really kept up with the weeds this year.
His peas are in bloom, although they're snow peas-- not what he actually wanted...

This one is more my garden-- black plastic, and milk jug warm-caps.  Lots of squash, cukes, tomatoes and peppers in there.

The view looking up into the cherry tree which has never borne fruit.  It's a miracle!  What a difference a "pollination partner" makes!

Having fun

So sweet, no need to add sugar!  Not too many, though.  I've never gotten many.  Need to learn some things.

"I love mud boots, 'cuz I can go out to the garden with Mom at a moment's notice!"
"I love 'em, too!"  Actually, it's just this year that the girls can even walk in them.  Apparently, it's a challenge until you figure out how.  Little Boy is just starting to get interested.  He hates to wear any shoes, ever, though.

Some radishes, and our experimental potatoes.  Only just that we wanted "new" potatoes, and didn't know when to harvest them.  Plants are just starting to bloom, and I'd say we went a bit past "new."  Tasted amazing, though, with a subtle undercurrent of flavor I didn't recognize. 

This is my favorite rosebush, planted when I graduated from nursing school ten years ago.

I don't remember the name, but it's an antique style, very fragrant cabbage rose, I believe.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Fish, Fathers, and some little kids

This boy has had some good luck this year!

Really good luck!

Like father, like son...

Like father, like son...

Some great-grandparents on Father's Day.  "Are you sure we're old enough...?!"

So proud of my healthy, beautiful daughter.

This was a fun activity.  Had some empty shakers, so filled with kosher salt, since the grains are bigger, it takes longer to shake out.  The next day they emptied out the salt shaker and the pepper shaker when no one was looking.  Be careful what you teach your kids!

Totally posed, and you can tell because this girl never slows down for anything.

A 7 yr old girl, helping out in the kitchen, by loading the dishwasher...

Mom only had to rearrange a little.  Spatial skills are not her long suit.  Hey, though, they aren't mine, either!

Family meeting the Darling New Baby

This is number 2 of 4 of my catch up posts. Crazy how busy life can get! Lots of people to take pictures of these days, also. What a blessing that I have so many people in my life. I have so many pictures, and so little time to post them!
She thought he was pretty cool, but she kept trying to move his arms and legs in all kinds of directions, like she does with the baby dolls at home.

This girl was enchanted with him.

The proud grandpa

"Just let me see how squishy his eyes are...!"


Another Super Uncle!

The exhausted parents following the sage wisdom to "nap when the baby naps."

She found him utterly enchanting!

"I'm done with that baby;  I'm just going to wait for the fish to come out from behind the rock..."

New Baby!

This is one of 4 catch up posts, so be sure to check out my others.

Yes, we finally have our new baby.  Our daughter, J. and her husband had their first kiddo.  This little boy is so welcomed with love and affection from all of us.  He's simply beautiful.  No other way to say it (eyes welling up.)

Well, the blogger loaded all my pictures in the wrong order, and I've given up trying to put them in the right order.  Those of you who know me, know I like to tell a story in a certain order with my pics, but in this case, you'll just have to see them all jumbled.

The auntie who was on leave was thrilled to have the baby born before she had to go again, and he was sort of her birthday present...
Super Uncle!
New Mama didn't let go of the baby for awhile...
"Careful!  Watch his head!"

Proud Papa was overwhelmed by joy.

She says she's not used to babies, but she looks like she's doing pretty good here...

They just had to drive in the middle of the night for two hours, to welcome their new nephew!

The crowd!  We got to be the family getting in everyone's way...

"What's all the fuss?"

Ah!  At last!  Grandma gets plenty of baby-time!