Sunday, November 25, 2012

Big Girl's birthday

Two years ago, we had our gotcha day on the day before Big Girl's birthday. We never did celebrate her birthday that year, nor the other two kids who are both January babies. We were too busy coping with each day. The next year, though, we celebrated each of their birthdays, and boy, did they know what it meant! This year we celebrated Big Girl's birthday, and she understood very well. No problems opening presents, either (the first Christmas no one knew what to do with a present.) Just to show how far we've come, today I overheard Big Girl singing "Happy Birthday." Were the words understandable? No. Can she carry a tune? Not really. Was it completely recognizable as "Happy Birthday?" Absolutely!
Obviously, she needs help.

Moving in!

"I'll just rip this paper off..."  Sanctioned ripping.

Everyone enjoyed these lip whistles.  Yes, those are real glasses.  These are the style we decided on after he repeatedly mangled the metal framed pair, and then stashed them somewhere--back of a drawer, under some furniture, in the garbage... who knows?

A game everyone can play!  We're starting to grow up, people!

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