Sunday, October 21, 2012

Trip to visit parents/in-laws/grandparents

Here are some pictures from that trip to visit my in-laws. They showed us a wonderful time, and it was so refreshing to be with them again. They looked so healthy and happy, and that made us so happy (but not necessarily healthy.)
My beautiful daughter, who is a loving mother...

I imagined that the carousel might be a good photo op, with bright colors, and happy smiles...

The kids were a bit reserved, though, as this was the first time they'd ever been on one.

This was the first time Little Girl started smiling, in fact, as all the big plastic animals in this park were quite scary!

Little Boy did not enjoy the ride, as he wasn't sure what the purpose of a carousel was suppposed to be.  Better safe than sorry, he always says...

Big Girl was game to go on the ferris wheel with Daddy, though, and enjoyed it quite a bit, waving to everyone on the ground, when Dad pointed us out.  She was braver than Mom!

These two were braver than me, also.  My vertigo was acting up.

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